F Gm C7
There is one Lord, there is one faith
Am Bb C
There is one Father of us all
F Bb
And through His Son, who came to save us
C D Bb F
There is one God living in us all.

Gm Bb F
We are one body in the Lord
Gm Bb C-C7
We are all the people of His love.(REF)

We are one spirit of new life
We are all united in the Lord. (REF)

Let us be worthy of His name
Let us serve each other in the Lord. (REF)


One Response to “ONE LORD”

  1. >hmmmmm..
    yUpzzzzz..wE hAv oNlY oNe Lord…
    Hay nAku wEn Pa kYa aQ mAkAkAbALik
    sA SMS…?????????
    gAnAhaN q aNi nA sOng…
    GanAhAn q aNi mAg tUgToG…

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