A C#m
Man, O man, look up and say
Bm E
Why am I here what’s my job what’s my goal
A C#m
You are from God, not only clay
Bm E E7
You are a person with body and soul.

A C#m Bm E
You are never forsaken like the sparrows all over the skies
A D Bm
You may be badly bedridden.
Yet trust and you’ll never die.

If pride you’d have, God you’d forget
When you do strive to be great aim too high
Greatness will fade, you’ll soon regret
Sooner or later you’re going to cry. (ref)

You may be blind begging all day
Mission each one’s got, a job to be done
You are a man, get up and pray
Don’t forget you’re a part of God’s plan. (ref)


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