D Gm D C D7
Life is not at all that bad my friend, hmmm
G A F#m B7
If you believe in yourself, if you believe there’s someone who walks through life with you
Em A7(sus) A7
You’ll never be alone, just learn to reach out
F#m B7 Em
And open your heart, lift up your hands to God
A7(sus) D-D7
And He’ll show you the way.

C7 G A
And He said: “Cast your burdens upon Me
F#m B7
Those who are heavily laden
Em A7(sus)
Come to me all of you who are tired
A7 D D7 Am
Of carrying heavy loads
D7 G A
For the yolk I will give you is easy
F#m B7
And my burden is light
Em A7(sus) A D
Come to Me and I will give you rest.”

When you feel the world is tumbling down on you
And you have no one that you can hold on to
Just face the rising sun and you’ll see hope
And there’s no need to run, lift up your hands to God
And He’ll make you feel alright. (And He said…)


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