A A7 D E
Sing to the mountain, sing to the sea
A F#m Bm E
Raise your voices lift your hearts
E7 A C#m F#m
This is the day the Lord has made
Bm E A
Let all the earth rejoice.

D A E E7 A
I will give thanks to You, my Lord; You have answered my plea
C# F#m B B7 E E7
You have saved my soul from death; You are my strength and my song. (ant.)


4 Responses to “SING TO THE MOUNTAIN”

  1. This song i cant really forget coz i can relate this the site of sisters of mary school.EVERYTIME I SING THIS SONG i can imagine the sisters of mary school.YOU KNOW WHY?sing to the mountain(lingi ka sa left side makita nimo ang mountain),sing to the sea(lingi sa right side makita nimo ang dagat).And raise your voice (raise your heart to sing the joyful song).Mao ra gyud ni kantaha nga dli nako makalimtan through this I CAN’T FORGET WHERE I LEARNED AND GREW UP my wisdom and knowledge as a catholic christian and i serve the lord with joy as one church and Fr. Al’s child.

  2. I like this song and can’t forget this. Twas always our entrance song back then.

  3. …….grabeh..miss ko na tlga ang Cebu..eheh.ehehe..

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