D G A7 D D7
I will praise my God in the morning
G A7 D-D7
I will sing to God all my days
G A7 F#m Bm
For Yahweh is my strength and glory
Em A7 D
Yahweh, truly my song.

F#m Bm
Lord you know each turn within my heart
F#m Bm
You read me from afar
Em E7 A-A7
All my ways lie open to Your mind, my God. (ref.)

If I flew beyond the rising sun
Or westward to the sea
I would still be within your arms, my God. (ref.)


6 Responses to “MORNING PRAISE”

  1. I will sing to God all my days—-that’s “i will sing to HIM all my days”

  2. >jijiji..that is one of my favorite entrance song..jijii..
    ganahan jud q ana mutugtug vah..jijiji

  3. @ chona,
    hi there! yeah, you might want to change “God” to “Him”. afterall, the meaning wouldnt change. it would still refer to Him/God..=)

    @ caren may,
    bitaw sis, upbeat man gud. lami ayu gitarahun hehe

  4. >jijij..Lge tEh wUi…
    fAvOrIte gUd nAq Ni xiA nA
    eNtRaNcE sOng..
    wiTh fEelInGs Fah jUd q aNa mUkAnTa

  5. grabeeeee!!! I really love this song! Mao jud ni akong unang nakat-onan nga kanta sa SOM.
    Perteng hilak jud kaha on my first sunday singing this song.
    Mingaw kaau:) hahahaha

  6. >hMmMmM…
    aLlUe tEh cEciL..wAt bAtCh aRe U???

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