G D Em
ANT. Glory and praise to our God
G D7
Who alone gives light to our days
Am C G Bm
Many are the blessings He bears
To those who trust in His ways.

Dm C Am
We the daughters and sons of Him
D D7 G
Who built the valleys and plains
Dm C Am
Praise the wonders our God has done
Em A D-D7
In every heart that sings. (ant.)

God has watered our barren land
And sent His merciful rain
Now the rivers of life run full
For anyone to drink. (ant.)


2 Responses to “GLORY AND PRAISE”

  1. my favorite entrance song, ever! hehehehe….. u rock!

  2. hmmm, tnx. i would take it as you being an SOM alumna?..=)

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