REF. All the ends of the earth, all you creature of the sea
A F#m B E
Lift up your hearts to the wonders of the Lord
For the Lord of the earth, the Master of the sea
A F#m B7 E7 A-D-A
Has come with justice for the world.

Dm G F#m C#m
Break into song at the deeds of the Lord
F#m D E
The wonders He has done in every age. (ref.)


4 Responses to “ALL THE ENDS”

  1. well…this is very helpful specially to those who can’t visit the Sisters of Mary….through this they will be able to recall their past by these songs.\\
    ….,,,these songs let me know that I should not forget to where I start to change my life I treasure so much the learnings and good values…I wish to return the pass…I credit all to God…thanks to Fr. Al…to the sisters…and to our dear alma mater…

  2. right. let us all serve the Lord with joy.

  3. well!!
    its nicew to recall our past in our previuos school !,
    for me its memorable!
    ill treasure it until my last breath!

    “the glory of God is man fully alive”

  4. Ronald Says:

    Hi..this is great..i’m browsing the net and ended in this site looking for the lyrics of Ang Panginoon ang aking Pastol..God Bless :))

    Ronald – St. Bernardino 8th Batch
    Fr. Jhudiel, OMHS

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